modern wall decor ideas for living room

If you are someone who likes to keep up-to-date styles and designs, then you should consider modern style decor as your living room. Today, the contemporary style we have seen has greatly changed the look of the decoration. In the early days, this style had a very unpopular and dull appearance, but the situation has changed dramatically in recent years due to a better design, color or structure reintroducing the style. The styles we see these days are bright and attractive. Simplicity, clean lines, and refinement are the main aspects of modern style decoration. Shape, size, and color should be the main factors you need to keep in mind before choosing a home-style decoration. It can refresh your living room. Contemporary wall decor and wall art for living room are the most commonly used products in this type of decoration. They are mainly based on the overall theme of the house. To achieve this decorative style, there is always a lot of work to be done. If modern decoration items are s

Adding the elegance of artwork Deco

When you want to add an extraordinary vintage look to your home, its inherent charm and modernity can hardly match the Art Deco style. When you choose an Art Deco interior, you can give your home a stylish makeover.

The following tips can help you redesign your home to create the vintage look you are after.

Bright and bold
Abstract geometric paintings are also a symbol of Art Deco style. You might choose sofas and side chairs with dramatic solid colors and pillows decorated with geometric patterns. Complementary toned rugs can also improve the appearance of the room.

Art deco props
When you are adding features to your home, consider purchasing genuine period articles to enhance the look of your space. Lighting highlights such as lamps and luminaires will add vintage charm to the environment. Many fine examples of period art deco lighting can still be found in antique shops and online auction sites and stores. For a glamorous look, consider using Art Deco chandeliers in restaurants or large entrances. Replicas also come in a variety of Art Deco styles.

In addition to lighting, period art in the form of original works or prints can also complement your ArtDéco decorative style. Choose abstract canvas wall art deco to add a real Art Deco atmosphere to your space. Add a period frame for a realistic look. In addition to wall art, the use of modern sculptures, tiles, and even wall-mounted candlesticks should be considered.

The Art Deco style is undoubtedly bold, but it also has countless details that can add visual appeal to the look. For example, bold geometric contours are etched into the shower door. In addition to simple rectangles or squares, you can also choose interesting shapes of mirrors. Look for tiles during the period to prevent reflections or borders. Find fabrics in popular shades during the Art Deco period and use them to make curtains or decorative furniture.


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modern wall decor ideas for living room

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