modern wall decor ideas for living room

If you are someone who likes to keep up-to-date styles and designs, then you should consider modern style decor as your living room. Today, the contemporary style we have seen has greatly changed the look of the decoration. In the early days, this style had a very unpopular and dull appearance, but the situation has changed dramatically in recent years due to a better design, color or structure reintroducing the style. The styles we see these days are bright and attractive. Simplicity, clean lines, and refinement are the main aspects of modern style decoration. Shape, size, and color should be the main factors you need to keep in mind before choosing a home-style decoration. It can refresh your living room. Contemporary wall decor and wall art for living room are the most commonly used products in this type of decoration. They are mainly based on the overall theme of the house. To achieve this decorative style, there is always a lot of work to be done. If modern decoration items are s

The features of modern art

Nowadays, Many people decorating their homes with modern canvas art. Modern canvas painting is very artistic and popular decorative.

Features of modern art:

1. Comprehensive features, rich forms, and wider range of material techniques, including the aesthetic ideas of various painting forms. The tools and paints used to draw modern abstract wall art are in various forms, and even special materials such as shells, fabrics, and metals can be used; the beauty of the form of the picture is also diverse. It can be a flat form or a three-dimensional space. There can be the beauty of the design of the pattern, the beauty of the artistic conception of the Chinese painting, the beauty of the thickness of the oil painting, the beauty of the lightness of the watercolor, the beauty of the generalization of the prints, the solemnity of the lacquer painting, and the beauty of its own traditional changes.

2. Technological characteristics, on the one hand, it means that the drawing of the decorative painting should be excellent, on the other hand, it means that its drawing method is often combined with the material and process form. The traditional decorative painting emphasizes the sense of painting, while modern paintings emphasize more on the creative sense of material craftsmanship, and uses the texture and texture of materials to enrich the performance of the picture.

3. Creative features, the description objects of modern decorative paintings are not limited, and various expressions can be used. The author can give full play to his imagination and creativity.

4. Practical characteristics. The practical characteristics of modern abstract art determine the fundamental difference between decorative painting creation and pure painting. Pure painting pursues the individual will of the painter from the subjective expression, and decorative painting meets the needs of the times; pure painting is in The application of materials is limited, and the decorative painting is almost unlimited in the extensive application of materials. The teaching of decorative painting will make students realize that it is a work of art that beautifies daily life, and is also an artistic language to convey creation. It is a means to reflect the author's thoughts, emotions and artistic style. Students will learn in the process of learning and creating modern canvas wall art. Learned about the increasingly wide application range of large modern wall decor, ranging from decorative patterns of utensils to beautifying the urban environment and the decoration of various functional spaces.

Modern art paintings on canvas are generally divided into surrealism and abstract constructivism. Among them, abstract constructivism profoundly affects modern design. You can choose modern abstract art according to your preferences.


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